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It Is As Simple As 1. 2. 3.

 The Principles For Our Nationwide Team Of Bicycle Lawyers


Thank you so much for everything.... me and my family are forever grateful !!!

I really do appreciate your teams timely responses, I've not had to wait for a call back or wonder what was going on at Anytime..

Nancy E.

received our settlement much sooner than we anticipated .... We are truly grateful we found you

During the process of working through our settlement with Andrew, I feel like I have made a life long friend. He was so honest and his support meant a great deal to me and my family. He kept in contact with us continuously, and we received our settlement much sooner than we anticipated. We have referred another cyclist to Andrew (Danny) because we trust Danny's outcome, working with Andrew, will be as positive as ours was. Thank you, Andrew and team. We are truly grateful we found you.

Edwin S.

Everyone was amazing!!! ... I truly did not have to worry about anything

Everything was taken care. I truly did not have to worry about anything. I felt the you team supported my family and me during a very difficult time by keeping us updated and also telling us how to take care of our medical bills and other things that came up after the accident. It was great having a reasonable party by our side.  

Faith L.

The Law Firm of Kass & Moses, PC has a national team of lawyers committed to helping victims of bicycle and motorcycle accidents. We have more than 20 years experiencer representing victims of bicycle and motorcycle accidents. Do you really want your case to be one of a few, if any, that your lawyer has handled in the past?

Few firms can match the experience we have with bicycle and motorcycle cases. At our firm, bicycle and motorcycle cases are the CENTER of what we do. This experience is invaluable to how we represent our clients. Few firms can match the knowledge and experience we bring to our clients. What separates us from the other admittedly top-notch lawyers is our honesty and passion for riding and our dedication to having the best litigators in the country as part of our team.

We know the bias and disdain many automobile drivers have against bike and motorcycle riders. Many car drivers do not feel they should have to share the road with us. In fact insurance companies, as well as police officers, often unjustly skew a police report in favor of the car or truck. Our experience in over-coming these inaccuracies and bias makes us uniquely qualified to represent injured bicycle and motorcycle accident victims.

Call us today for a free consultation at 1-844-Bicycle. Have strength on your side!!